Office: Office of the President - Hobble Building, Room A111

Supervisor: Lois Magner



Job Duties: Make photo copies; answer the phone and take messages; maintain a filing system/type labels/assign #’s and file appropriately; type and key documents as assigned; sort mail on occasion; count pop money and make deposits to accounts receivables' office; keep the refrigerator stocked; run errands and deliver on-campus mail; collate/bind Board Meeting packets; wash dishes in board kitchen; stock cream/sugar/sweetener when needed; copy/post and file bills in budget books; post check numbers (monthly); occasional light cleaning; create and distribute notices and flyers; and various other duties as assigned.                        

Skills Needed: Dress modestly and appropriately to meet the public; ability to maintain confidentiality; perform quality work with accuracy (accuracy and quality is more important than speed when completing tasks in this office); must contact the office if unable to come to work or arriving late; no texting on the job unless it is an emergency or it is a need to communicate with parent or instructor. Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher. The student must possess good phone and basic computer skills; have a true desire/motivation to perform “quality” work; work well independently; have the ability to switch directions on tasks being done; and have a good sense of humor.

Position Availability: August 16, 2016 to May 9, 2017

Hours per Week/Rate of Pay: 10 hours/Minimum Wage