Seward County Community College ENACTUS Chapter Mission Statement: To explore and enlighten our community through the power of free enterprise. By supporting and educating citizens of all ages, we will improve the quality of life, create future leaders, and enhance awareness and involvement in our area.


SCCC ENACTUS is a widely recognized campus organization. Throughout the year, our ENACTUS chapter spends numerous hours talking to high school juniors and seniors about the possibilities of becoming a member of SCCC ENACTUS. We have joined with the Business Division faculty on campus and helped them with follow-up calls after potential student visits to our campus. Our SIFE team participates in our college's organizational fair each year, as well as all other campus recruiting activities. In addition, we see our seminars as opportunities to recruit. Our team wears our ENACTUS team polo shirt to each project and on many of our meeting days. Perhaps our strongest factor in our team's sustainability is the scholarship funding through the SCCC Development Foundation. Unlike many ENACTUS programs, SCCC ENACTUS students have the opportunity to obtain a full book scholarship for participating in the organization as well as a chance to earn two hours of college credit for participation. With our chapter's scholarship funding and strong project capabilities, we are confident SCCC ENACTUS chapter will thrive for years to come!

2012-2013 SIFE Team


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