Computer Information Systems

Seward County Community College

Class Policies/Procedures - ALL CIS COURSES

NOTE: Each individual course instructor will have various course policies. These are policies that apply to ALL CIS COURSES. Please ask your instructor for the specific policies for your course.

Academic Honesty

One of the most significant aspects of SCCC is its commitment to high ethical standards and integrity. The faculty and administration at SCCC are committed to the belief that strong moral values build an atmosphere of trust between faculty and students, enhance academic standards, build character and develop better citizens.

Instructors will enforce the Academic Honor Code & Cheating Policy as set forth in the SCCC College Catalog. Students who fail to adhere to this policy will receive an F for the course final grade unless otherwise stated in the instructor's course policies.


Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled activities is expected of all students and is regarded as integral to course credit. College policy dictates that arrangements for all classroom assignments are to be made in advance of the student's absence for a collegiate activity. If the student fails to conform to the policy, the instructor is not obligated to allow the student to makeup any work missed. It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor of the scheduled absence. (Be sure to read your course instructor's policy on attendance and tardiness.)

Withdrawal from Class

To withdraw from any class at SCCC, you must complete a drop form and secure the signature of the instructor as well as your advisor. The instructor will not drop you from the class. Check the Academic Calendar for the last day to drop.

Service for Students with Disabilities

Students with special learning or physical needs should contact the Dean of Students to begin the process of making any special accommodations needed by the student. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions about this matter or if you require any special provision for your disability.


Each CIS Instructor will give specific guidelines regarding course evaluation.

Office/Online Hours

Each instructor will give students specific information on office/online hours and how they can be reached.

Computer Usage Statement

During scheduled class periods, students may not use the computers for any activities not being conducted by the instructor for that class period. Students will also adhere to the SCCC Computer Use Guidelines as stated in the College Catalog. Students who pursue these activities are not participating in the class and are distracting other students as well. Students who cannot abide by this policy will be asked to leave the computer lab and will not be allowed to return to classes without a conference with the course instructor.


Cell phones should be turned off or in silent mode unless you have permission from the instructor.

All other policies/procedures mentioned in the SCCC Academic Catalog will be adhered to in all CIS courses.

(See for additional information.)

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