Steering Committee

  • Todd Carter
  • Ken Trzaska
  • Adam Borth
  • Bonnie Merrihew
  • Alaina Rice
  • Kim Zant
  • Alli Lyon
  • Roger Scheib
  • Teresa Wehmeier
  • Luke Dowell

AQIP Accreditation

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Dr. Todd Carter

Vice-President of Academic Affairs
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SCCC Accreditation Information:

The Academic Quality Improvement Program, (AQIP) is one of several pathways leading to reaffirmation of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. AQIP differs from the other pathways in that it is premised on principles of continuous quality improvement, and its various process and requirements are designed to assist institutions in achieving quality improvement, along with reaffirming the institution's accredited status with the Commission once every AQIP cycle. Many institutions may have reported transforming their quality cultures since embarking on the AQIP Pathway.

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