Saints PEA-Professional Employee Association Saints PEA-Professional Employee Association



"...The Professional Employee Association shall be dedicated to serve the common interest of the SCCC porfessional employees, build professionalism, encourage a deeper concern for general student welfare, foster communication and cooperation among the institutions's administration, departments, program staff, faculty, students, and with other colleges and their professional employees."


Who Qualifies for PEA Membership?

Any Professional employee who teaches five or more credit hours within a given semester or any employee who is under a "Staff Contract" and classified as "Professional Other" qualifies for membership in PEA. 


What are the Benefits of Being a PEA Member?

  1. Having a voice in professional welfare, including contract negotiations
  2. Networking with other professionals at SCCC
  3. Making a positive impact on the campus community


How do I Join?

Annual dues are payable by cash or payroll deduction. See the PEA treasurer for an enrollment form. New members receive a 50 (fifty) percent discount on annual dues. If you are interested in joining, contact any of the PEA officers. 


PEA Membership Form


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