Clubs and Organizations

Any student receiving a Seward County Tuition Grant is required to participate in a club or organization. For more information on our Clubs and Organizations, please contact Wade Lyon, Director of Student Activities, at 620-417-1064

Block and Bridle

Sponsors many agriculture events such as district livestock judging contests. Membership is open to anyone interested in ag-related fields.
Sponsors: 417-1354

Campus Messengers for Christ (CMC)

Non-denominational and open to anyone for fellowship and encouragement of one another in Christ.

Cheerleading and Dance

Cheerleaders and dancers represent SCCC through sports and other campus and community events. Participants earn one credit hour and scholarships are available.


Open to any students who like to sing and perform for various activities. Students enrolled in Chorus I-IV receive one hour of credit and scholarships are available.
Sponsor: Magda Silva, 417-1462

Crusader Newspaper Staff

Crusader Staff members commit to competently and fairly reporting the news of the SCCC campus and giving readers a quality product while learning life and career skills. Participants earn one credit through journalism courses or participation in the club. Scholarships are available.
Sponsor: TBD, 417-1459

Drama Club

Foster and develop a love of theater among students, and to represent the club with an outstanding outlook on college life.
Sponsor: Gloria Goodwin, 417-1460


Membership open to students interested in marketing and distribution.
Sponsor: Lisa Kennedy, 417-1363

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Helps members see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.
Sponsor: Nathan Engleman and Wade Lyon, 417-1064

Future Technology Professionals (FTP)

Helps develop a better understanding of information technology and promotes a professional, progressive attitude among members.  
Sponsors: Rusty Tuman, 417-1358

Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO)

Open to anyone interested in the Hispanic culture
Sponsor: Frances Brown, 417-1300

International Student Organization (ISO)

Members strive to promote friendship based on mutual understanding and respect and to encourage cultural exchanges among people as a step towards the attainment of lasting world peace.
Sponsor: Patsy Fischer, 417-1604

Kappa Beta Delta

Honorary business organization.
Sponsor: Hiran Gunasekara, 417-1355

Kylix Art Club

Open to students enrolled in are courses or those who share an interest in fine arts and desire artistic interaction. Special shows, presentations and competitions held each year.
Sponsor: Dustin Farmer, 417-1452


Open to all science, math, engineering, and technology students. Education is approached via learning communities known as Focus Interest Groups.
Sponsor: Don Hayes, 417-1505

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher after the first semester of college are eligible for this community college national honor society. Members must maintain a 3.0 GPA and are recommended by faculty.
Sponsor: Debbie Stafford, 417-1106

Refrigerator Service Engineers Society (RSES)

The RSES provides opportunities to develop leadership skills and professionalism. It also enhances their technical competences by participating in various programs related to area industries, including but limited to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R).
Sponsor: Chris Hickman, 417-1679

Show Choir

Performs for campus and community activities. Selection is by audition. Members can receive one credit hour and scholarships are available.
Sponsor: Magda Silva, 417-1462

Sigma Chi Chi

Open to students enrolled in criminal justice classes. Primary objective is to foster professionalism in criminal justice agencies, and to provide the instructor an opportunity to give vocational counseling and individual personal assistance to students.
Sponsor: Cristy Mulanax, 417-1465

Skills USA

A national organization of high school, college, and professional members who are enrolled in training programs in technical, health, skilled and service occupations.

Student Promoting Educational Careers (SPEC)

Open to students enrolled or interested in Education as a field of study.
Sponsors: Janice Northerns, 417-1456

Student Government Association (SGA)

Protects & promotes student's rights & interests at SCCC.
Sponsor: Wade Lyon, 417-1064

Students Nurses Association (SNA)

Encourages participation and leadership in the Nursing field at SCCC.
Sponsors: Dawn Hemphill 620-417-1408 & Susan Ingland 620-417-1407

Veterans' Club

Veteran's Club Brochure
Our goal is to provide military Veterans, and their families, with the necessary resources, support, advocacy, and camaraderie needed to acclimate themselves into SCCC life.
Sponsor: Chris Hickman, 620-417-1697

Wind Ensemble

Membership is open to students interested in performing in a concert band.
Sponsor: Darin Workman, 417-1458

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