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Admissions - Hobble Building, Room A134


Eric Volden

Job Duties:

Assist the Admission's staff with filing, data entry, and other various paperwork. Help students through the admissions process and assist them with various requests throughout the day. Lead individual and small group campus tours. Update and produce various pieces of marketing collateral as well as helping to develop and manage prospective student lists. Other duties as assigned by your supervisor.    

Skills Needed:

Friendly attitude, people skills and good organization skills required.  Must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality in regard to student records.                                                          

Dress Code:

Because the Admissions office is the first point of contact for many students, it is important that work study students are dressed appropriately. Office attire may be standard school attire, provided the clothing is in good condition and good taste. Shorts are allowed, provided they are an appropriate length and not ill-fitting. Shirts should cover cleavage, stomach, shoulders and back. Jeans are also acceptable as long as they are not excessively ripped or holey.

Staging Enabled