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Office: Allied Health - Epworth Allied Health Building, Room E108

Secretary: Magdalena Rivera


Job Description: The student will have duties assigned as follows: run copies as needed; type documents as assigned; make packets for all departments; help with bulk mail; file when needed; shred documents; bring copy paper from basement; fill all printers and copy machine with paper; answer phone; laundry skills for lab bedding; and various other duties as assigned.

Skills Needed:Computer skills of Microsoft Word and Excel needed. Typing skills are needed.  A desire and motivation to perform quality work is very important. The student must be able to multi-task. Copy machine and fax machine knowledge is a plus.

Job Requirements:It is imperative the students dress modestly and appropriately to meet the public and faculty/staff. The midriff, flank, and lower back must be covered, e.g. shirts must cover lower back when bending down to lift.  No spaghetti strap tanks tops unless shirt is worn on top. The student needs to be in good academic standing with the capability of maintaining confidentiality. The student needs to call if they are going to be late or absent. Due to the sensitive nature of the job responsibilities of handling nursing student information files, grades, and test files it would be best if this student worker to NOT be someday in the Nursing Program.

Hours per Week/Rate of Pay: 10 hours/Minimum Wage



Staging Enabled