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Norma Jean Dodge

Job Description:

Students will serve as support staff to the Business & Industry Office under the supervision of the Business & Industry Director, Program Coordinator, and Secretary. This person is a member of the B&I team and is expected to always demonstrate professional behavior. Reports to work as scheduled. Work schedule will be coordinated by the student and the supervisor. The student is not permitted to work during his/her scheduled class hours or when the college is not in session. The student's course schedule will need to be provided so that the work schedule can be determined. Students will assist with preparing outgoing mail, data entry into Excel, Mailchimp and Survey Monkey, greet visitors in a courteous manner, and other tasks as requested.

Skills Needed:

Students must possess good office level communication skills, basic keyboarding skills, and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. The student should have the ability to make entry level decisions and a willingness to ask questions.  The student should also demonstrate responsibility, initiative, timeliness, and the ability to work independently.

Dress Code:

Casual, modest attire.  Shirts should cover shoulders, no low-cut shirts, shirts should not show any midriff, and no vulgar or offensive print.  Appropriate bottoms (pants, skirts, dresses, and shorts) should be at least finger-tip length with no large holes/tears.  Any shoes are acceptable: sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes, etc.

Staging Enabled