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Cafeteria/Food Services


Maria Sandoval

Job Description: 


  • Maintain a high level of sanitation on serving lines and surrounding areas
  • Greet all Customers in a professional manner
  • Serve ALL customers in a friendly manner according to proper portion guidelines
  • Communicate to the kitchen about portions served and portions remaining
  • Clean and refill serving wells with water as needed
  • Maintain a clean dinning hall service area, includes cleaning tables, chairs off during and after service, stock napkin's, check salt & pepper shakers ETC.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Director or supervisor.

Dress Code:

  • You must be in uniform before you clock in.
  • An apron, hat, or hair net, shirt and name tag will be provided to you.
  • Black slacks or black pants and non-slip resistant shoes are required at your expense, and are to be worn every shift or you will be sent home


Staging Enabled