Criminal Justice - Workstudy Criminal Justice - Workstudy


Office: Criminal Justice - Hobble Building, Room AA121

Supervisor: TBD

Job Description: Responsible for office work such as filing, typing, copying, researching, etc; and/or assisting with firearms class at local range by organizing and maintaining range equipment.

Skills Needed: Must be able to type, file, copy, and be willing to work outside.  Self motivation and critical thinking skills preferred. 




Office: Firearms Simulator Monitor

Supervisor: TBD

Job Description: Set up the firearms simulator and equipment for customer use; provide service to customers using the firearms simulator; secure the firearms simulator and equipment after customer use; work independently

Skills Needed: Candidate must be 18 years or older; have firearm knowledge; experience with computers; naturally friendly and positive daily attitude with excellent communication skills; a well groomed and professional appearance at all times; be available to work as needed.

Staging Enabled