Counseling - Workstudy Counseling - Workstudy


Office: Counseling - Hobble Building, Room A150

Supervisor:  Annette Hackbarth-Onson

Job Description:  Student will answer phone and direct people in the Student Success Center. Student will be required to make copies, create computer reports, create event posters, file, assist with mass mailings, organize and distribute transfer materials and assist in organizing transfer trips; and other duties as assigned.

Skills Needed:  Must be familiar with a variety of computer programs as well as copy machines; must possess creative skills and abilities, be extremely organized, efficient, reliable and responsible.  Must possess exceptional judgment, the ability to take direction as well as work independently; and the student must maintain a strict code of confidentiality with all information seen, heard or read within the office. 

Hours per Week/Rate of Pay: 10 hours/Minimum Wage

Staging Enabled