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Miles Rothlisberger

Job Description:

Perform various tasks in the process of publication and maintenance of the Job projects may include but are not limited to the following: paperwork, design, updates, or maintenance of; plus required computer work, possible photo assignments, journalism interviews, social media, story or column writing, page design, or distribution of newspaper.  This position does entail duties that require the student to be on campus outside of business hours and/or off campus; such as interviews, photography or videography.  Therefore, there will be times when the student is not directly supervised.          

Skills Needed:

Knowledge or the ability to learn reporting, social media and photography skills; and/or software knowledge or the ability to learn media related programs.  Ability to work independently. Must qualify to take English Comp 1 (or already have the class).      

Dress Code:

  1. Casual, modest attire. Shirts should cover shoulders, no low-cut shirts, shirts should not show midriff, no vulgar or offensive print.
  2. Appropriate bottoms - pants/skirts/dresses/shorts should at least be finger-tip length with no large holes/tears.
  3. Any shoes are acceptable.
  4. A good guide for dress code is to dress according to the project - if you are interviewing the president, then dress up … if you are doing a story on scuba diving, then wear a wet suit.


Staging Enabled