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Margaret Thompson, Casandra Norin, Emery Swagerty

Job Description:

Duties include, but are not restricted to

  • Working at the Circulation desk
  • Sorting the mail
  • Helping with cleaning in the Library
  • Checking in and out materials
  • Some knowledge of Word and Excel
  • Communicating with and answering patrons' questions clearly
  • Showing students how to use the computerized catalog, the databases, and where to find materials
  • Shelving books and other materials
  • Maintaining the order of books, periodicals, and etc.
  • Assist with Library projects
  • Being responsible and reliable to show up for work
  • Performing any other duties as assigned.

Dress Code:

The SCCC Library does not have a formal dress code, but it is important to maintain a professional appearance, particularly in the public service areas.

  • It is expected that employees report to work dressed appropriately. Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing that is excessively torn or revealing is not suitable.



Skills Needed:

Communication skills, computer skills, people skills, typing and filing skills, responsible and reliable.

Staging Enabled