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TRIO/Student Support Services - Hobble Building, Room A124


Joel Figgs

Job Description:

Help answer phones; act as a receptionist; help with basic office needs such as filing, pulling files for students being helped for the day, etc.; help to put together materials for students; keep the office organized; and other basic needs that might arise. Available to work 5-10 hours per week.

Skills Needed:

Good people skills. Ability to file documents. Ability to serve as a receptionist and direct students to the appropriate department when necessary. Also as a receptionist, you will be expected to familiarize yourself with the TRIO program and answer questions about it for students coming in to inquire and enroll in the program. Assist in student tutoring in areas you are confident in tutoring.

Dress Code:

Casual, modest attire. Shirts should cover shoulders, no low-cut shirts, shirts should not show any midriff, no vulgar or offensive print. Appropriate bottoms - Pants/skirts/dresses/shorts should be at least finger-tip length with no large holes/tears. Any shoes are acceptable: sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes, etc.



Hours per Week/Rate of Pay: 10 hours/Minimum Wage

Staging Enabled