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Wellness Center/Swimming Pool/Lifeguard - Student Building, Room SW117


Liz Hill                                          

Job Duties:

Wellness Assistants

Support the Wellness Center Director in facility supervision and management. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, checking members in and out; scheduling, opening and closing preparations; injury prevention and treatment; policy enforcement; handling money transactions; providing information to patrons and campus visitors; providing backup support to the desk and floor manager; answering questions; directing calls; photocopying; running errands; using various computer programs; and cleaning. Additional responsibilities include assisting and educating participants in the safe use of weights and cardiovascular equipment; safety, security and policy enforcement of the weight/fitness area; cleaning and troubleshooting of equipment; and reporting maintenance needs for equipment.

Dress Code:         Individuals should be dressed, capable of performing the tasks listed above.


You will also supervise the aquatics center during classes and open swim times while efficiently working in Wellness Center. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, supervising swimmers; preventing accidents and injuries; emergency intervention; maintain pool log; maintaining a clean deck; vacuuming; and enforcing policies. Minimum qualifications are Red Cross lifeguard training and CPR for the professional rescuer. Applications are available in the wellness center administrative office as vacancies occur. While not guarding, lifeguards are considered office assistants in the Wellness Center.

Dress Code:         Individuals must be dressed ready to rescue while on pool deck.


Skills Needed:

Current certifications, patron safety.         



Applications are available in the Wellness Center Administrative Office.                                     

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