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Job Duties:

Student tutors will provide academic assistance and tutoring to peers in major subject areas and courses (namely math and science), greet students entering the STC and ensure they find assistance, log tutoring sessions, present information clearly and simply in Microsoft applications, maintain a consistent weekly work schedule, inform supervisor of student needs, and perform light office functions, such as copying, filing, shredding, scoring, etc. Student tutors will also be subject to scheduled training throughout the semester.

Skills Needed:

Student tutors will be required to have completed relevant courses (that they wish to tutor in) with a minimum grade of "B". A cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 and complete confidentiality of student records/information are also required. Preferred skills include promptness, consistency, self-motivation, computer skills (knowledge of Microsoft programs and Canvas),  social skills, conscientiousness, and adaptability.

Dress Code:

Student tutors will be required to wear at least business casual clothing when performing position-related tasks. For the purposes of this position, business casual clothing may refer to plain-colored or SCCC-themed t-shirts, cardigans, jackets, pullovers, or sweaters for tops, and skirts, dresses, slacks, khaki shorts, or nice jeans (non-faded, non-holed) jeans for bottoms. The student tutor attire should reflect casual professionalism to assist in the identification of tutors by students, as well as reflect the level of responsibility that accompanies the position.

Staging Enabled