SCCC Parking Permit SCCC Parking Permit


Parking Permit Form:

All SCCC students, full and part-time, all employees and registered customers of the Wellness Center
who drive and park on any SCCC property are required to display a valid and current parking permit on the back of their vehicle, lower left side corner or lower left corner of the rear window.  Motorcycles are also required to have a Parking Permit Registration
Form completed and turned in, but it is optional to display such permit on the motorcycle.   These permits are at no additional cost.  Your cooperation is appreciated. 
Each additional vehicle or vehicle change in the future requires you
to submit an additional Permit Registration Form in order to obtain a permit.   If later you need to
temporarily bring another unregistered vehicle onto the campus, please email SCCC Security and provide your name, phone number, vehicle make, vehicle color, license Plate and the reason and expected date of temporary usage. A temporary period of time is 1-10 days. Failure to do so may result
in a fine being added to your administrative account. VEHICLE SEARCH AND REMOVAL ADVISORY:  Any vehicle on any SCCC property is subject to search and/or removal off of the property if there is reason to believe there is or may be illegal material or
danger within.  Illegal Drugs and/or alcohol, or any other contraband are not allowed on any SCCC property.   SCCC Security, and Law enforcement, including K9 units may also patrol, and legally inspect all vehicles on campus properties. 
You're cooperation is appreciated.  Any vehicle left abandoned or disabled for more than 72 hours, or is causing an immediate disruption to the normal operation of the college may be towed off of the property at the owner's expense.  
SCCC is NOT responsible for towing charges and/or damage or loss of property.
Information for obtaining a new Permit Registration Form and Permit:
Monday-Friday, Locations include: Front Information Desk in the Hobble Academic Building, Wellness Center, or the SCCC Safety and Security Office located in Hobble Academic Office-AA159, 620-417-1180.  Return the completed form to one of these locations to
obtain your permit sticker.  Email requests for additional information or to provide vehicle information advisories to:,
You can complete the attached form and bring it to either the Front Information Desk located in the Hobble Academic Building, the
Security Office located in the Hobble Academic Building, Room # AA159,or the Wellness Center, located in the Student Union Building and obtain your parking permit.  The SCCC Security Department will also send out emails to all students and employees at the
beginning of the Academic Year announcing multiple dates and times for when parking permits and ID cards can be obtained. 

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